New World Beams

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New World Faux Wood Beams | In Stock | Low Prices

New World Beams enable you to readily and economically add old world style, warmth and charm to any room of your home.
Similar in appearance yet somewhat different in proportion to Faux Wood Beams’ New World Beams provide a smooth, milled, raised grain look of contemporary wood beams, which sharply contrast in appearance to Old World and Vintage Beams distinguished by the textured irregularities rendered by earlier fabricating methods.

New World Beams are indistinguishable from the genuine hand hewn wood beams after which they have been patterned, capturing all of their visual and textural nuances with exacting realism.

New World Beams are not only lightweight and sturdy, they are easy to install on virtually any type of surface. And just like the originals, Buy Faux Wood Beams’ Modern Beams can be tooled and refinished if necessary, still retaining their grain and texture using traditional techniques and tools.

However, unlike their wood counterparts, which are subject to rot and insect infestation, not to mention their overt heft and difficulty in handling, Buy Faux Wood Beams’ polyurethane Modern Beams are dimensionally stable as well as impervious to moisture and insects, making them suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.

For added authenticity, Faux Wood Beams offers a complementary line of Faux Wood Panels, Corbels, Polyurethane U-Brackets, Rubber Beam Strapping and Touch Up Stain.